About Our Family

The Norristown Knights are a locally owned and operated ABA basketball team. We have great expectations for our organization as well as our team. We hope to generate a fan base that can be proud of the team we put on the court. Norristown Knights plan to be a part of the community in as many ways as possible. We are a family and look forward to adding to our family through our staff, team, and fanbase to create a family throughout the entire east coast. 

OUR Team

Ronnell Durante
Jordan Yarbough
Gyree Durante
Assistant General Manager
Japhia Krauter
Head Trainer
Micah Krauter
Marketing Team
Samuel Krauter
Marketing Team

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Damien Ricks

T.J. Williams

Lamont Huggins

Ray Johnson

Cameron Jackson

Mehki Clemons

Will Badie

Rodney Harris

Steve Leonard

Reuben Lacy

Demetrius Davenport

Micah Krauter

Ronnell Durante

Jordan Yarbrough


Condi Bates

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Home - DH   Game #1

Away -  NEE  Game #2

Away - WCW   Game #3 

Home - PC   Game #4

Away - BB   Game #5

Home - HCH    Game #6

Home - PR   Game #7

Away - BH   Game #8

Home - OO   Game #9

Away - PGV  Game #10

Home - WCW  Game #11

Home - BH  Game #12

Home - NEE  Game #13

Home - WVW Game #14

Away - ET  Game #15

Away - HCH  Game #16

Away - PR  Game #17

Away - PF  Game #18

Home - PGV  Game #19

Away - BB  Game #20

Away - WVC  Game #21

Executive Team


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